Stage 3 Pupil Advocacy Procedure

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) oversees coordination of the Stage 3 Pupil Assessment Procedure (Stage 3 PAPP) on behalf of the Bar Standards Board (BSB).

ICCA’s procedures for a Stage 3 PAPP will be invoked upon a request from an Inn or a Circuit for a pupil who has not met the required competency standard following assessment at a second pupils’ advocacy training course (Stage 2).

For detailed information please refer to the ICCA’s Stage 3 Pupil Assessment Procedure Policy.

A candidate may appeal against the decision of the Stage 3 Pupil Assessment to the BSB’s Director of Regulatory Assurance by writing directly to him or her. Grounds of appeal may only include procedural irregularity and/or prejudice. Appeals will not be allowed if they seek to question the exercise of professional or academic judgement.

Candidates can rely on the aural or visual recording of their Stage 3 Assessment by way of evidence in support of any appeal.

Details of the BSB’s policy and procedures in respect of Pupil Advocacy can be found in the Pupillage Handbook on the BSB’s website.