Advocacy for Vulnerable People and Children (Family)


Following on from the success of the Criminal course, ‘Advocacy for Vulnerable People and Children’, the ICCA and the FLBA have collaborated on a bespoke course for the Family Bar. The course centres around a case study, founded on the same facts as the criminal course, which has been adjusted to represent proceedings in the family court. The 20 Principles of Questioning underpin the FLBA course and the same learning objective is expected from delegates – to understand the key principles behind the approach to, and questioning of, vulnerable people in the justice system, irrespective of the nature of the allegation, or the jurisdiction in which the advocate appears. The FLBA course will be delivered by accredited members of the FLBA

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FLBA A&V Training

It is now widely recognised as essential that those giving evidence in cases before the Family Court should be protected and enabled to participate in proceedings with due regard being had to their individual vulnerabilities.

The need for reform of the way in which children and vulnerable people participate and give evidence in family proceedings was pressed forcefully by Sir James Munby during his tenure as the President of the Family Division. As a result of his tireless work and that of others, important progress has been made.


The course materials for Facilitators are now available. Click on the red button labelled ‘Facilitator A&V’.

These materials are passworded. You should NOT access these materials unless you are training to become an FLBA Facilitator.

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