International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2021

At the ICCA, we are keen to celebrate the many talented women who work with us. This last year has seen us launch a hugely successful Bar Course and whilst you could be forgiven for thinking that the majority of that work was carried out by academics and lawyers, there are other crucial areas of professional expertise that have made it possible.

Today, we celebrate two women who make an outstanding contribution to the work of the ICCA and without them, none of our success would have been possible.

Amy Gottler is the ICCA’s e-Learning Manager. Amy came to work for us as a Consultant in 2019 and became a permanent member of staff in July 2020. She transformed some of our online design to a level we could only have dreamed possible. She has helped us create a Virtual Learning Environment for our students which is digitally impressive, interactive and engaging. We are immensely grateful to her for the level of professionalism that she brings to all of her work and to her abundant enthusiasm for the project.

The first ICCA Bar Course, delivered online, has resulted in all of the students passing their BSB exams and that is thanks in no small part to Amy’s ability, talent and creativity. Not satisfied with that, she is developing Part Two materials and helping the ICCA improve its CPD materials and offerings. We are beyond lucky to call her our e-Learning Manager and are grateful for all she does.

When she is not working, Amy is studying for a PhD.

Katie Ingram joined us in March 2020. She is our Registry Services Manager, and she joined the team after lockdown 1.0 which means she has only met one or two of her colleagues in person in all the time she has been with us. She hit the ground running, picking up a post which is complex and demanding. She manages the student services aspect of a brand-new course with bespoke selection procedures and delivery of a split HE course which had never before been run. Katie probably has about 3 weeks’ worth of time off in lieu to take because of the extra hours she has put in. She provides what can only be described as a first-class service to students. No calls or emails go unattended and she is the professional and caring face of Student Services. She is a consummate professional.

Katie has a First-Class degree in English Literature, and an MA in Medieval English Literatures. Her weekends are spent decorating, unpacking in her new home and doing DIY. She is (and has been for a long time) a Girl Guide Leader and has run her Unit’s meetings throughout lockdown remotely.

She lived and worked in California for 5 years which included two years working in the HR department of Stanford University.

Katie joined us from the University of Law having worked in non-student facing roles there. To add to her many talents, she is an expert knitter.

We are extraordinarily lucky that Katie came to join us, and the students are equally fortunate.


To mark International Women’s Day 2020 we recorded a podcast with Her Honour Judge Suzanne Goddard QC. The ICCA’s Patrick Ryan (Joint Head of Online Learning and fellow Northern Circuiteer) sat down with Judge Goddard in her chambers at Crown Square in Manchester to discuss, life as a lawyer and her experiences of building a successful practice. She reflects on the challenges still facing women in the legal profession and strategies to encourage young people to engage with the law.

Her Honour Judge Goddard QC has had a distinguished career at the Bar and on the Bench and we are very grateful to her for sharing her insights and experience.