The ICCA’s National A&V Training Programme is now available to delegates in a new format and is accessible via the button below.

Please note that the following are selected components of the A&V Criminal course. To access the full array of delegate materials, click on the button below.

A&V Crime


We understand that many visitors to the ICCA website need access to individual elements of the A&V course. Listed below are the key parts of the A&V Criminal Course:

20 Principles of Questioning

The Legal Research Paper (revised December 2023)

A&V Props

Materials for trained delegates wishing to become Facilitators

The Art of Facilitation Workbook

Materials for trainee Facilitators led by Lead Facilitators

Ground Rules and Section 28 Hearings

HHJ Sally Cahill KC

Children and the Court

Prof. Michael Lamb

Ground Rules Hearing in R v George Graham

HHJ Sally Cahill KC