Fees and Funding

ICCA Bar Course Fees

As a not-for-profit organisation, the ICCA sets its fees at the lowest sustainable level commensurate with ensuring education and skills training for our students of the highest standards.

On this page you can find details of the fees for the September 2024 and January 2025 intakes, as well as information to help you fund your Bar training.

September 2024 and January 2025 course cycles

The ICCA Bar Course fees for 2024/2025 are £15,735 inclusive of all BSB fees, text books and legal research resources. This is the cost for both Parts One and Two. Below you will find a breakdown for Part One and Part Two:

Total Part One fee: £3,934 (inc. BSB levy)

Total Part Two fee: £11,801 (inc. BSB levy)

Payment for each part of the course is made only upon enrolment for that part. Students who do not enrol on Part Two are not liable for any Part Two fees. We offer flexible payment options for Part Two.

ICCA Bar Course fees for international students are charged at the same rate as for domestic students.

No deposit is required and there are no hidden administration fees.

Funding your Bar training

Paying for Bar training is an important issue for many students. Below we have included a number of typical sources of funding that many students have relied upon to enable them to train for the Bar.


A source of funding open to everyone are Inns’ scholarships. The Inns generously provide over £5m each year in scholarships and these are available to students irrespective of where they choose to do their Bar training.

Applications are made directly to the Inns; and this is where you can read more about their scholarships and application deadlines:

See also the Bar Council Guide to Funding and Scholarships.

Typically, the scholarship application deadline for Bar training course scholarships is early November in the year preceding course commencement. As such, if you are planning on starting a Bar training course in September 2024 you should apply for your scholarship by early November 2023.

Inns scholarships can assist in a variety of circumstances and can include residential scholarships which are of considerable assistance when taking into account your general living expenses.

Applicants to the ICCA Bar course are eligible to apply for a bursary towards their fees under the ICCA’s Bursary Scheme sponsored by The Chancery Bar Association and the Commercial Bar Association.


Loans are another method by which students can seek to fund their Bar Course fees. Loans are available from banks and other commercial organisations, as well as from the government. Please note that the ICCA does not provide an LLM option for the ICCA Bar Course and, as such, the ICCA Bar Course does not attract government Master’s loan funding.


Many students continue working during their Bar training course, or part of it. The ICCA Bar Course provides flexibility in Part One, allowing students to either follow a guided pathway over 12-14 weeks or to take a longer and more flexible approach to allow for work or other responsibilities, such as caring for children. Part Two is a full-time course in London for 17 weeks (March start) or 19 weeks (September start), so please bear this in mind when planning your finances and living arrangements.