International Advocacy

Global Outreach

As required by its constitution, the ICCA is committed to assisting overseas Bars, particularly in the developing world, to improve standards of advocacy training in order to help maintain the rule of law. Our international work is overseen by our International Committee.

The ICCA has, for many years, delivered a range of advocacy training to advocates in jurisdictions overseas, responding to invitations extended by local Bar associations, law societies and other professional organisations.

To ensure these projects are of solid and lasting benefit to the overseas Bar, we take a ‘seed corn’ approach, ensuring they work alongside local members of the legal profession to develop and implement their own advocacy training provision and methods. We follow a method of training which has been used throughout the common law world for many years. It bears the name of Professor George Hampel AM QC. To find out more about the method, click here.

All ICCA trainers offer their time on a pro bono basis. We are grateful to the barristers and judges who carry out this training on our behalf. To find out more about this area of our work and how you can become involved in international advocacy training, take a look at our brochure.