ICCA Bar students continue to excel in centralised exams

The BSB regularly publishes data setting out the pass rates for all Bar Training Providers. To date, there have been five sittings of the BSB’s centralised assessments under the new regime introduced in 2020.

We are delighted that the ICCA continues to excel above all other Providers with outstanding pass rates in both Modules.

AETOTotal candidates at AETOTotal candidates passing at AETOOverall % pass rate both subjects
ULaw Bristol715070.42%
ULaw Liverpool332266.67%
ULaw Leeds20213466.34%
ULaw Manchester20813363.94%
ULaw Nottingham482858.33%
ULaw London1,01758157.13%
ULaw Birmingham37720955.44%
BPP Manchester59731953.43%
BPP Leeds25412649.61%
BPP Bristol1557447.74%
BPP London2,05896046.65%
BPP Birmingham36813035.33%

The table above aggregates all the attempts by candidates at all Providers at both the Criminal Litigation and Civil Litigation examinations across all five sittings from December 2020 to April 2022. The average pass rate is 53.93%.

Thirteen AETO centres fall below this overall figure, with eight centres failing to achieve a 50% passing rate overall in the centralised assessments.

The ICCA had 313 individual attempts with an overall percentage pass rate of 92.33%. It is clear when comparing like for like, that this outcome is exceptional.

Not only are these results indicative of how successfully the ICCA Bar Course prepares students to sit these exams but it shows that our selection processes are sound. We have been delighted to see that the average pass marks are also extremely high in both Modules with both over 72% in the most recent sittings (August 2022).