OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition

The 2020/21 Competition is now concluded

Congratulations to the four teams who took part in the virtual final held on Monday 14 June and huge congratulations to Open University, who won the competition in their third consecutive final.

Queen’s University Belfast were this year’s runners up and David Illingworth of Nottingham Trent University was named Outstanding Advocate.

The moot problem for this final was written barrister, Tim Goodwin and tested the mooters extremely well.

For more information about the moot, the mooters and the finalists, please visit the OUP website.

We are indebted to Lady Justice Carr DBE who presided over the final, and her judicial interventions demonstrated that the mooters were fully conversant with the facts and the law.

We are delighted to have sponsored this event again and look forward to next year.

Why Moot?

Mooting can enhance students’ understanding of the law, as well as their analytical and advocacy skills. Although it can be nerve-wracking, mooting is intellectually rewarding and can be used to demonstrate a keen interest in advocacy on a CV. Experienced criminal barrister, Nathan Rasiah, and the 2017 OUP National Mooting Competition winner, Conor Lockhart, explain the importance of getting involved in mooting.

Preparing to Moot

Baroness Hallett and Conor Lockhart have kindly put together some tips for those of you currently taking part in the competition:

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition please email: mooting.uk@oup.com