ICCA awarded Bar Council Certificate of Recognition

The ICCA is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a Bar Council Certificate of Recognition for our commitment to embedding wellbeing into the new Bar Course.

In 2014, the Bar Council commissioned research which identified mental health and wellbeing as an important issue for the Bar. As a result of this, the Bar Council established the Wellbeing at the Bar (WBATB) initiative.

The Bar Council and WBATB Working Group has today awarded the ICCA a Certificate of Recognition saying,”

“ICCA’s commitment to wellbeing is clearly demonstrated in the way they have embedded wellbeing principles into the new course, as well as their overall approach as a course provider. We look forward to hearing about the impact of their approach from students in due course.”

The Dean of the ICCA, Lynda Gibbs QC (Hon) sits on the WBATB Committee and leads on wellbeing initiatives at the ICCA. She said, ” We are thrilled to have been awarded our Certificate of Recognition. We take the mental health and wellbeing of all our staff and students very seriously and are conscious of the many pressures faced by students and pupils as well as practising members of the profession. We hope to instil healthier working practices from the outset and have developed online and face-to-face modules”.