Pupil Advocacy Materials


The ICCA wishes to support pupils who find themselves unable to go to court and to practise their advocacy during these challenging times. Covid-19 has brought considerable change to the conduct of the justice system and the completion of pupillages up and down the country.

Here you will find three different sets of materials to help you to keep up your case analysis and advocacy skills.

Firstly, we have created a criminal trial brief where you will need to pair up with an opponent and find yourselves a couple of willing witnesses to play the Complainant and the Defendant. Only read one side of the case! This one is called R v Fisher.

Secondly, we have created a simple civil trial involving a Claimant and a Defendant and an independent witness. Again, choose one side of the case to act for! This one is called De Silva v Jessop.

Thirdly, we have created a straightforward plea in mitigation brief for you to master and to present your submissions to a judge in the Crown Court where the case is listed for sentence. You can record your own submissions or ask a colleague or your Pupil Supervisor to ‘hear’ your case.

Very soon, you will be able to book a slot with the ICCA to take part in some online advocacy practice sessions. We will be using these materials and a few others.

We will shortly be publishing a comprehensive guide to conducting remote advocacy. This guidance has been put together in collaboration with senior judges and practitioners who have first-hand experience of the successes and pitfalls of this new era of remote advocacy.

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R v Fisher

R v Edward Gordon FISHER – Defence Brief

R v Edward Gordon FISHER – Prosecution Brief

De Silva v Jessop

De Silva v Jessop – Claimant Brief

De Silva v Jessop – Defendant Brief

R v Amanda Vickery

R v Amanda Vickery – Plea in Mitigation