New Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing form

A new PTPH form has been authorised by the Lord Chief Justice for use in Crown Court cases with effect from 22 July 2019 for hearings from 29 July 2019.

The new forms are available here. This page contains all relevant crown court forms including both of the new ones for a single Defendant and for 2-5 Defendants. There is a summary of the design and content of the new form accompanying the list of forms.

Of particular interest in respect of vulnerable witnesses are the following amendments:

  • Questions for the defence have increased and been remodelled. Additional questions relate mainly to disclosure matters and the identification of defendants who are young, vulnerable or a victim of modern slavery so that appropriate orders or investigations can be made at PTPH.
  • Section 28 has been categorised, with different directions for vulnerable witnesses and intimidated witnesses. There is also a significant new section for vulnerable defendants.

A useful guide for practitioners has been prepared by the Courts and Tribunal Judiciary website which includes a step-by-step guide in a fictitious case. In addition, a video explaining how to use the new form has also been created.