Cyprus 2018

Between 25 and 30 November 2018 the ICCA delivered the first advocacy training courses to take place in Cyprus for the Cyprus Bar Association.

Six experienced volunteer ICCA Trainers flew to Cyprus on Sunday 25th November 2018 and delivered a two day course first in Nicosia and then Limassol. The volunteers were:

  • Grahame Aldous QC (Course Director)
  • Tom Kark QC
  • Simon Mallett
  • Neil Chawla
  • Faisal Sadiq
  • Minka Braun

A total of 24 trainees were trained and received ICCA certificates of attendance. Their nervous anticipation at the beginning of each course had turned to excited enthusiasm by the end, with calls for more training to be offered.

The invitation from the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) was coordinated by its CEO, Koulia Vakis, and CBA Board member Laris Vrahimis, and part-funded by the Cyprus Human Resources Department. The invitation was inspired in part by the Inner Temple Magna Carta conference in 2015 and the desire to strengthen the rule of law in Cyprus by ensuring that it has an effective voice before the courts.

The ICCA look forward to developing further training opportunities in Cyprus as part of its work to support the rule of law around the world.