The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) strives for professional excellence for the Bar. We promote high standards of advocacy. We develop a wide range of materials to support practitioners in their practice including Guides on Expert Evidence, Advocacy & the Vulnerable resources, and Pupillage Ethics materials. Explore and access the materials we have created, most of which are open access.

Expert Evidence

Experts Evidence (guidance on the preparation, admission and examination of expert evidence and the use of statistical evidence)

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The Hampel Method

The widely adopted, six-step method for giving effective and constructive feedback on advocacy.

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Effective use of Interpreters

An outline of the principles and techniques of examining a witness through the medium of an interpreter. This research project was carried out in conjunction with Middlesex and Surrey Universities with funding from The Legal Education Foundation.

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Advocacy guidance: A women’s perspective

To celebrate International Women’s Week in 2021, we heard from some of the leading UK women judges and barristers who have each contributed to the development of the law and the practice of advocacy.

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Principles for Remote Advocacy

The pandemic has forced courts and advocates to adapt at pace. Learn the way in which advocates can most efficiently deploy their professional skills in the changed working environment.

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Stage 3 Pupil Advocacy Procedure

The ICCA oversees coordination of the Stage 3 Pupil Assessment Procedure (Stage 3 PAPP) on behalf of the Bar Standards Board.

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International Advocacy

The ICCA is committed to assisting overseas Bars, particularly in the developing world, to improve standards of advocacy training in order to help maintain the rule of law.

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Advocacy & the Vulnerable (Crime)

This course was designed to ensure that all advocates understand the key principles behind the approach to, and questioning of, vulnerable people in the justice system, irrespective of the nature of the allegation, or the jurisdiction in which the advocate appears.

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Advocacy & the Vulnerable (Family)

Designed in collaboration with the FLBA , this course covers enables family practitioners to adapt their advocacy when dealing with vulnerable people and children in the family courts.

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Advocacy for Children in Conflict with the Law

The ICCA believes that this field of work should be a specialism and supports the continual improvement of advocacy standards for those prosecuting and defending cases involving children and young people in the criminal justice system.

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