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The BSB has conditionally authorised the ICCA to deliver its new two-part Bar Course. The conditions of authorisation are that the ICCA’s application for registration with the Office for Students is approved and that thereafter a contract is entered with the BSB to deliver the authorised course. Subject to these final steps, the ICCA will take applications from December 2019 from students wishing to embark on the two-part course from September 2020.

Webinar Events (September 2019 onwards)

If you are interested in joining the Bar Course at the ICCA we would welcome you to join us in a series of webinars we will be hosting from September onwards (dates to be confirmed).  These will allow you to get a clear understanding of what the ICCA Bar Course is all about and to ask ICCA staff any questions you may have.

  • Future Bar Training – 2019 and beyond
  • Is the ICCA Bar Course for you?
  • Applying for the ICCA Bar Course

Law Fairs

The ICCA intends to be at the following law fairs in autumn 2019 where we would be delighted for you to join us:

  • The Pupillage Fair – Bar Council – Saturday 26 October 2019, Bush House, Kings College King’s College London.
  • National Pupillage Fair TARGETjobs – Saturday 30 November 2019, Gray’s Inn London.
  • University Law Fairs – We will also be attending various Law Fairs at universities across the UK (dates and venues to be confirmed).


The ICCA is the training arm of the Council of the Inns of Court (COIC) and wishes to provide high quality educational provision to aspiring Barristers not just through the ICCA Bar Course but to those currently studying at undergraduate level or the GDL. As such we provide assistance free of charge to students through university Bar/Law Societies and University Careers Services across the UK.  Our planned outreach activities consist of presentations and workshops in the areas below, but we are happy to develop bespoke presentations and workshops where there is demand.


Future Bar Training – 2019 and beyond

Is the Bar for you? A presentation to introduce the Bar and allow students to make an informed choice about the future career.

How to create a Bar CV. A presentation designed to assist students to avoid common pitfalls and develop a CV which is focused and meaningful.


Pupillage Interviews. A workshop to introduce students to what they might expect during a pupillage interview, to develop their interview skills and receive valuable feedback on their interview performance.

Advocacy Workshops. A workshop designed for students to assist them with advancing their core advocacy skills.

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News, Events and Updates
If you would like further information and updates about the ICCA Bar Course, including upcoming events and webinars, please contact us here.

Universities Careers Advisers and University Bar/Law Societies
If you would like to be included in our university outreach programme of educational Presentations and Workshops in autumn 2019, please contact Christopher Kessling, Barrister, Head of Recruitment and Admissions at