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ICCA Bar Course Future Barristers Open Day Videos

On Saturday 21 November 2020 we were delighted to host our inaugural Future Barristers Open Day, designed to introduce you to the Bar and the ICCA Bar Course. Each session was recorded and below you will see an outline and a link to view the recording of each individual session.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that so many talented individuals attended to provide all aspiring barristers with an expert insight into life at the Bar in 2020.


An introduction to the day’s events and the ICCA Bar Course, by Derek Wood CBE QC, Chair of ICCA Governors & Lynda Gibbs QC (Hon), Dean of the ICCA.

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Future Bar Training and the ICCA Bar Course

An introduction to Bar Vocational Training and the approach taken by the ICCA to provide students with the vital practitioner skills required for pupillage.

  • Chris Kessling, ICCA Head of Programmes
  • Alex Frith, ICCA Bar Course Leader
  • Patrick Ryan, ICCA Joint Head of Online Learning
  • Karolina Zielinska, ICCA Bar Course Student
  • Beatrice Baskett, ICCA Bar Course Student
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Success in Obtaining Pupillage

Effective Pupillage Applications and Interviews. Information on the path to success from practitioners and pupils who can help you with exactly what to expect.

  • Karlia Lykourgou, Doughty Street Chambers
  • Tom Worsfold, Lincoln House Chambers
  • Malka Afzal, pupil barrister at 9 St John Street

Hosted by Chris Kessling, ICCA Head of Programmes.

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Submissions Advocacy

A presentation and demonstration by ICCA advocacy experts Stephen Wells and Steve Johnson on improving your advocacy skills for mooting and pupillage applications.

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Witness Handling Advocacy (examination-in-chief & cross-examination)

Advocacy demonstration by ICCA experts Steve Johnson (for the prosecution) and Steve Wells (for the defence) of the skills of examination-in-chief and cross-examination. With the witness Doris Haines played by Lynda Gibbs QC (Hon), Dean of the ICCA.

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Equality & Diversity at the Bar

Why the Bar should represent the society it serves and what is being done to make this happen.

  • Mary Prior QC, the 36 Group
  • Jaime Hamilton QC, Nine St John Street
  • Rehana Popal, 33 Bedford Row
  • Jamil Mohammed, 33 Bedford Row

Hosted by Jane Hutton, ICCA Joint Head of Online Learning.

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Commercial Law Practice

Your opportunity to gain insights into life at the Commercial Bar from our panel of distinguished commercial law practitioners.

  • Andrew Hochhauser QC, Essex Court Chambers
  • Paul Stanley QC, Essex Court Chambers
  • Athena Markides, Crown Office Chambers
  • Richard Hoyle, Essex Court Chambers

Hosted by Lynda Gibbs QC (Hon), Dean of the ICCA.

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The Publicly Funded Bar

Our expert panel of Criminal and Family Barristers share the latest information and answer your questions about the Publicly Funded Bar.

  • Kama Melly QC, Park Square Barristers
  • John McNamara, Five St Andrews Hill
  • Paul Froud, Senate House Chambers
  • Jo Cecil, Garden Court Chambers (ICCA Director of Careers)
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Human Rights Practice

Discussion and advice from our experienced panel of practising barristers working in the field of Human Rights Law.

  • Jude Bunting, Doughty Street Chambers
  • Gráinne Mellon, Garden Court Chambers
  • Jo Cecil, Garden Court Chambers (ICCA Director of Careers)
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Life on Circuit

There is a thriving Bar across the six ‘Circuits’ which make up the Bar of England & Wales. Our expert panel introduces you to life on circuit.

  • Alistair MacDonald QC, New Park Court Chambers, North Eastern Circuit
  • Will Waldon QC, Exchange Chambers, Northern Circuit
  • Michelle Heeley QC, No.5 Chambers, Midland Circuit

Hosted by Patrick Ryan, ICCA Joint Head of Online Learning.

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