Excellence in Advocacy

ICCA visit to Trinidad

The course participants consisted of 30 teacher trainees and 3 pupils, which were divided into five groups each of which was allocated an Inns of Court College of Advocacy, ICCA (formerly the ATC) trainer. The teaching was delivered in five seperate courts, with a large hall used for plenary session.

The training session commenced on Friday with an introduction to the prgoramme, room allocation and a case analysis session delivered by Anesta Weekes QC. A short memorandum produced by Anesta was circulated to delegates along with a talk on how to conduct a case analysis session.

The second day of training consisted of training in the process of examination in chief followed by cross examination in the criminal and then civil matters, inclusive of a session focused on submission advocacy. This provided delegates with an opportunity to demonstrate and practice their understanding of the Hampel Method. The third and final day included a half day session, which provided trainees additional time to practice and build their confidence in deploying the Hampel Method.

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago reported that the feedback received from the training was very positive. The provision of small groups allowed the ICCA trainers to work with delegates closely. Supporting delegates at every level, the ICCA trainers were able to take practitioners out of their comfort zone, which resulted in them being flatted by the responsibility that they had undertaken. The ICCA is keen to continue to provide further support to training delivered in the jurisdiction. 

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