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ICCA visit to Singapore - 2014

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy, ICCA (formerly the ATC) delivered an advanced advocacy training course in Singapore, 23rd-17th June 2014. The course was led by Desmond Browne QC and Edwin Glasgow QC who trained alongside Peter Carter QC, Paul Garlick QC, Andrew Hochhauser QC, HHJ James Burbdige QC, Patrick Talbot QC, Sam Stein QC, Stuart Brown QC and Sarah Whitehouse QC.

ICCA trainers taught lawyers from around 3 up to 10 years call, who were split into Civil and Criminal Streams. There were 4 criminal groups, each of which were allocated one local Senior Counsel and one local Junior Counsel and one English ICCA trainer. The Senior Counsel and the trainer then roved, moving to a different group after each session. This allowed the trainers to see and train all members of the criminal team, whereas the local Junior trainer remained within the group preserving continuity and establishing whether progress was being made. There was a good mix of narrative advocacy and witness handling in the exercises. Sessions were also held on Case Analysis and Ethics.

During the course of the training the trainers also delivered an expert witness handling exercise aided by accountants from Deloittes acting as the expert witnesses. It was reported that the exercise was a great success.

On the final day of training, a mock trial was delivered, presided over by a local judge. Trainees were required to bring together their narrative and witness handling advocacy in a reasonable real life scenario. The training exercises and trial were all conducted in the Supreme Court of Singapore. The ICCA trainers agreed that there was a real benefit in conducting the exercises in real Court rooms in court suit attire, in terms of trainee participation.

 Middle: Stuart Brown QC



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