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ICCA visits South Africa - 2016

Three of our trainers have just returned from South Africa where they have assisted with the first National Pupillage Advocacy Training Programme organised by the country’s General Council of the Bar (GCB). This inaugural training was supported by funding from the Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy. The training was led by Michael Lemmy, Ijeoma Omambala and Louise McCullough.

The trainers ensured the delegates analysed every aspect of the case presented and used innovative techniques; such as breaking down passages into “bars” similar to a musical score. The trainers themselves were in turn inspired by Judge Johann Kriegler, a retired Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, who at 83 continues to support advocacy training with a passion and zest for life which would put to shame many people half his age. Although the course was intense, the feedback from delegates who attended demonstrates how valuable such training can be to pupils in developing their advocacy skills.

ICCA’s trainers (formerly ATC’s) were delighted to work with the South African GCB on this project and look forward to partnering with them again in the future. Follow this link to download the full report.

ICCA's training in South Africa

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