Excellence in Advocacy

International Advocacy Training

How does the the Inns of Court College of Advocacy, ICCA (formerly known as the ATC) support Advocacy Training overseas?

ICCA, as required by its constitution, is committed to assisting overseas Bars - particularly in the developing world – with improving standards of advocacy training to help maintain the rule of law.

The College has conducted or participated in advocacy training programmes in many overseas jurisdictions, including Hong Kong , India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Bermuda, Ireland, Dubai, Zimbabwe, Poland, Sierra Leone as well as the International Criminal Court and the United Nations. These courses usually last 2-3 days and, particularly when repeated, show remarkable results in raising confidence and standards of advocacy and assisting local Bars to establish their advocacy training faculties. All ICCA trainers offer their time on a pro bono basis. Our international work is overseen by ICCA's International Committee.

To ensure these projects are of solid and lasting benefit to the overseas Bar, ICCA takes a ‘seed corn’ approach, ensuring they work alongside local members of the legal profession to develop and implement their own advocacy training provision and methods.

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