Studying with the ICCA

As a not-for-profit organisation, our first priority is our students. The ICCA Bar Course is focussed on enabling students to achieve the best of themselves, from the quality of education and skills training we provide to supporting students to achieve success in securing pupillage and entry into the profession.

The Vocational Stage of Bar training, formerly referred to as the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), was reformed in 2019 following the Future Bar Training consultation. The following year, in 2020, the ICCA was authorised by the Bar standards Board to launch an innovative new Bar training course.

Since then, ICCA students have delivered exceptional results, both in their assessment results and in their success in obtaining pupillage. Discover what it is like studying with the ICCA

We have strong links to the profession:

You will:

  • benefit from visiting guest lectures, seminars and workshops from senior practitioners and the judiciary spanning a diverse range of practice areas
  • have the opportunity to earn one of the many Chambers-sponsored awards for modules on both parts of the Bar Course enabling successful students to enhance their CV, access one-to-one mentoring and gain mini-pupillage experience
  • access placements with ‘Advocate’ and ‘JUSTICE’ through our Careers programme and take part in one of the many internal and external moots via our selected Advocacy Committee members.

Our teaching takes place within the precincts of the Inns of Court:

You will:

  • share your environment with members of the profession every day
  • benefit from first-class training facilities
  • have easy access to the Inns’ world-class libraries as a place of private study and research
  • be able to dine in Hall and use the other Inns’ bar and restaurant facilities to enjoy Bar discounted student rates.

We are focussed on quality and preparing our students for the Bar:

  • The ICCA “has the highest average passing rate across both litigation subjects and all sittings to date” (BSB Chair’s Report, 2022)
  • The course is designed by practitioners and legal academics who, combined, hold over 130 years’ experience at the Bar
  • The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Bar Practice is validated by King’s College London.

We care about our students:

  • Our Fair Admissions Policy is designed to encourage students from all backgrounds – applications are measured against fair and transparent criteria and all admissions staff are fully trained in fair and inclusive admissions practices
  • With a focus on individual training, all advocacy classes are in groups of 4 and double-session conference classes are in small groups of no more than 6. All in-person teaching in Opinion Writing and Drafting is delivered in small groups of no more than 12
  • As a welcoming and inclusive community, we work with closely with our students to enable them to reach their full potential. Learning and studying support, as well as personalised assessment arrangements, are available to support students with a disability, including physical and mental health conditions, diagnosed specific learning difficulties, or other temporary conditions that may affect learning, studying and assessment performance at the ICCA.
  • We have been awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Bar Council for our commitment to the wellbeing of our students and bespoke materials are embedded into the ICCA Bar Course. All of our students have access to 24/7 counselling services via Health Assured.

We work with you to secure pupillage:

  • ICCA students have achieved exceptional success in obtaining pupillage. 80% of the ICCA’s first graduating cohort have pupillage (2021), having either applied during or after studying at the ICCA, or having secured pupillage on enrolment
  • Our experienced Directors of Careers offer one-to-one help with reviewing your pupillage applications
  • You will have access to the ICCA Careers Hub, providing a wealth of advice from pupillage applications and interview preparation to the numerous areas of practice open to you
  • You can enhance your advocacy skills and build your CV by joining the Advocacy Committee and undertaking pro bono work experience with ‘Advocate’ and ‘JUSTICE’.

We offer two start dates each year, September and January:

  • You can complete Part One following a guided pathway (over 12-14 weeks) or self-paced over a longer period, accessing the course content at any time of the day and from any location
  • The flexibility of Part One allows students with work or caring responsibilities to study at their own pace
  • As a not-for-profit organisation, we keep our fees at the lowest sustainable level for all students
  • Course fees are only payable on enrolment for each individual part, not before
  • No fees are required for Part Two of the ICCA Bar Course unless and until you enrol on Part Two
  • Part Two flexible payment options are available
  • We do not require a deposit and we charge no administration fees.