Governors and Committees

ICCA's Board and Committees

Board of Governors

The work of the College is directed and overseen by an appointed Board of Governors:

  • Chair: Paul Stanley QC
  • Vice Chair for SBAs: Darryl Allen QC
  • Vice Chair for Circuits: William Waldron QC
  • Vice Chair for Circuits: Alistair MacDonald QC
  • Judicial Governor: The Honourable Mrs Justice Andrews DBE
  • Academic Governor: Dr. Catherine MacKenzie
  • Lincoln’s Inn Governor: HHJ Stephen Murch
  • Inner Temple Governor: Adam Constable QC
  • Middle Temple Governor: Kama Melly QC
  • Gray’s Inn Governor: Philip Marshall QC
  • Professional Education and Training Governor: Professor Shelley Heard
  • Lay Governor: Sam Karuhanga

The Council of the Inns of Court is pleased to announce that Paul Stanley QC has been appointed as the next Chair of the Inns of Court College of Advocacy Board of Governors and that Darryl Allen QC has been appointed the next Vice-Chair (SBAs). Paul will take up his post in the spring of 2021; he succeeds Derek Wood CBE QC who is the founding Chair and driving force for the creation of the ICCA. Darryl will take up his post on the 1 January 2021 and will succeed Andrew Hochhauser QC who was a founding Governor and who will take up office as the 2021 Treasurer of the Honourable Society of Middle Temple. The Council would like to record their debt of thanks for Derek and Andrew’s unsurpassed contribution to the work of the ICCA and the launch of the new Bar Course. We wish Paul and Darryl every success in their new roles.

International Committee

The International Committee brings together senior advocacy trainers from the Inns and Circuits to consider how best to respond to requests for advocacy training overseas. International training takes a ‘seed corn’ approach, helping overseas jurisdictions develop their own advocacy teacher training programmes.

Its role includes prioritising requests, co-ordinating responses and drawing together appropriate teams of trainers, identifying and creating training materials, and seeking additional sources of funding.

Recent overseas training visits have included courses delivered in: Sierra Leone, USA, Poland, Ghana, South Africa and the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

  • HHJ Stephen Murch (Lincoln’s Inn) (Chair)
  • Edwin Glasgow CBE QC (Gray’s Inn)
  • Faye Appleton (Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Peter Carter QC (Gray’s Inn)
  • Quinn Clarke (Gray’s Inn)
  • Sarah Clarke QC (Inner Temple)
  • Dame Linda Penelope Dobbs, DBE (Judiciary)
  • Fiona Fulton (Inner Temple)
  • Alex Glassbrook (Middle Temple)
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Griffiths (Inner Temple)
  • Chris Monckton (Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Christa Richmond (Middle Temple)
  • Natasha Shotunde (YBC)
  • Kirsty Sutherland (YBC Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Anesta Weekes QC (Gray’s Inn)
  • HHJ Sarah Whitehouse QC (Lincoln’s Inn)
  • Christian Wisskirchen (Bar Council)

ICCA Committees and Boards

  • Finance and Operations Committee – chaired by Adam Constable QC
  • Education Committee – chaired by Dr. Catherine MacKenzie
  • Appeals Committee – chaired by Alistair MacDonald QC
  • Exams Board – chaired by Professor Shelley Heard
  • International Committee – chaired by HHJ Stephen Murch