Bar Course Videos

Below you will find all the videos we made to explain the ICCA Bar Course, including information about Selection Events and the two-part course.

You can also find all these videos on our YouTube channel.

Introduction to Part 1

An introduction to Part 1 of the ICCA Bar Course.

Attractions of the Career

An overview of the attractions of a career as a Barrister.

Introduction and Key Features

An introduction the ICCA Bar Course.

Fair Admissions and Selection

An overview of the ICCA’s Fair Admissions Policy and selection criteria.

Overview of the Application process

An overview of applying for the ICCA Bar Course.

Minimum Academic Requirements

An outline of the minimum academic requirements for the entry onto the ICCA Bar Course.

English Language Skills

An explanation the English Language requirements of the ICCA Bar Course.


An outline of the fee structure of the ICCA Bar Course.

What is the BCAT?

The Bar Course Aptitude Test.

International Students

A guide for international applicants to the ICCA Bar Course.


A description of the shortlisting process for the ICCA Bar Course.

Joining an Inn of Court

An outline of the process of joining an Inn of Court.

Understanding Course Cycles

An explanation how course delivery cycles work on the ICCA Bar Course.

Selection Events

An explanation of how Selection Events form part of the admissions process.

Student Voice

An outline of the ICCA’s Student Voice Policy.

Guide to Part 1 Assessments

An overview of how Part 1 of the ICCA Bar Course is assessed.

Student Support

An outline of the support that students can expect from the ICCA.

Introduction to Part Two

An introduction to Part Two of the ICCA Bar Course.

Mitigating Circumstances

An explanation of what to do if you did not achieve the minimum academic stadards for entry onto the ICCA Bar Course.

Guide to Part 2 Assessments

An explanation of how Part 2 of the ICCA Bar Course is assessed.

A Health Warning

An outline of the challenges of Bar training.