Excellence in Advocacy

An Introduction to Pleas in Mitigation Training

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy is pleased to invite selected QCs, Senior Juniors and Junior Practitioners to attend a pilot Pleas in Mitigation Training to be held on Tuesday 3 July 2018.

Advocacy is a performance skill that can be likened to that of a tennis player or professional musician. Whilst it has generally been accepted that such skills are about 20% innate and 80% learned, that is now being revised downwards to about 5% and 95% respectively. This underscores the need for training at all levels.

The aim of this Pleas in Mitigation training is to improve CPD in a niche area. This will be achieved through online learning followed by a face-to-face evening course in this specialist area.

Should you be interested in attending this or any future course, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or contact the Education Department of your Inn or Circuit to sign up.

Once you have received an invitation to join this training, please use the links below to register and access the course materials relevant to you:

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