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About the ICCA

Who We Are

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy was established by the Council of the Inns of Court (COIC). The College comprises barristers, judges and others drawn from the Inns, the Circuits, the Bar Council of England and Wales, Specialist Bar Associations and other representative organisations.

Our main functions are to provide education, leadership, guidance and coordination in relation to the pursuit of excellence in advocacy.

Our work with the Inns and Circuits

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy designs and delivers a number of bespoke advocacy training courses and guidance notes for the practising Bar. Examples of this include our work on Advocacy and the Vulnerable, Youth Justice, Experts and Interpreters.

In addition to this, the ICCA hosts regular meetings with the Inns’ Directors of Education and the Circuit Administrators to share best practice and work on joint ventures such as a portable method of case analysis teaching to be adopted by all Inns and Circuits, Conferences held in London and in the provinces on areas of topical interest and concern and Ethics training for Facilitators and Pupil Supervisors.

The ICCA has observed advocacy training courses provided by the Inns and Circuits and does so to disseminate particular examples of best practice. The ICCA Board of Governors considers Project Briefs from any member of the Bar or Judiciary to consider designing and delivering bespoke projects such as a course on speeches or pleas in mitigation or expert witness handling.

If you are interested in supporting advocacy training in your Inn or Circuit by qualifying as an advocacy trainer, the ICCA can advise you on whom to contact. Email info@icca.ac.uk for more information.