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ICCA's Board and Committees

Board of Governors

The work of the College is directed and overseen by an appointed Board of Governors:

  • Chair: Derek Wood CBE QC
  • Vice Chair for SBAs: Andrew Hochhauser QC
  • Vice Chair for Circuits: William Waldron QC
  • Vice Chair for Circuits: Alistair MacDonald QC
  • Judicial Governor: The Honourable Mrs Justice Andrews DBE
  • Academic Governor: Dr. Catherine MacKenzie
  • Lincoln’s Inn Governor: Stephen Murch
  • Inner Temple Governor: Sam Stein QC
  • Middle Temple Governor: Paul Stanley QC
  • Gray’s Inn Governor: Philip Marshall QC
  • Professional Education and Training Governor: Professor Shelley Heard


ICCA advances its work with direct input from the profession through consultation and working committees; see below for membership details.

Training and Accreditation Committee

Membership of this committee is drawn from across the Inns and Circuits, together with representation from the Judiciary, the Young Barristers' Committee and the Bar Council.

  • Chair: Sarah Clarke QC (Inner Temple)
  • Chair: Bernard Richmond QC (Middle Temple)
  • Vice-Chair: William Waldron QC (Northern Circuit)
  • Quinn Clarke (Gray's Inn)
  • Fiona Fulton (Inner Temple)
  • Nicholas Jones (Wales and Chester Circuit)
  • HHJ Anthony Leonard QC (Judiciary)
  • Stephen Lloyd (Middle Temple)
  • Scott Matthewson (Inner Temple)
  • Chris Monckton (Lincoln's Inn)
  • Simon Monty QC (Middle Temple)
  • Michele O'Leary (Lincoln's Inn)
  • Sally O'Neil QC (Gray's Inn)
  • Christa Richmond (Middle Temple)
  • Sarah Whitehouse QC (Lincoln's Inn)

The committee has set up six core function groups, which are tasked with examining particular issues:

  • Monitoring advocacy training in the Inns, Circuits and SBAs
  • Monitoring teacher training, accreditation and grading
  • QASA liaison
  • BPTC tutor accreditation and monitoring
  • Promotion advocacy trainer best practice status
  • Keble and new schemes

For further information contact the Training and Accreditation Committee Secretary:
Phoebe Makin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0207 822 0766

The Advocate's Gateway Committee

  • Chair: Professor Penny Cooper
  • Vice Chair: Leslie Cuthbert (Solicitor's Association of Higher Court Advocates)
  • Rob Allen (Crown Prosecution Service)
  • HHJ Philip Bartle QC (Judiciary)
  • Lesley Bates (Criminal Bar Association)
  • Sarah Clarke QC (Barrister, Serjeants' Inn Chambers)
  • DCI Jim Foley (MET Police)
  • Simon Garrod (CILEx)
  • Felicity Gerry QC (Barrister, Carmelite Chambers)
  • Dr Andy Griffiths (Academic)
  • Linda Hunting (Editor, TAG Book)
  • Gillian Jones QC (Barrister, 18 Red Lion Court)
  • Ian Kelcey (The Law Society)
  • Paul Mendelle QC (Criminal Bar Association)
  • Charlotte Orrell (Registered Intermediary)
  • Tim Parker (Family Law Bar Association)
  • Jo Parton (Registered Intermediary)
  • HHJ Patricia Lynch QC (Judiciary)
  • Vicky Purtill (CILEx Regulation)
  • Angela Rafferty QC (Barrister, 18 Red Lion Court)
  • Jenny Talbot OBE (Prison Reform Trust)
  • Catherine Tempest (Ministry of Justice)
  • Professor Cheryl Thomas (University College London)
  • Tricia Wolford (Ministry of Justice)
  • David Wurtzel (Consultant editor to TAG)


International Committee

The International Committee brings together senior advocacy trainers from the Inns and Circuits, together with the President of the International Advocacy Training Council (IATC), to consider how best to respond to requests for advocacy training overseas. International training takes a 'seed corn' approach, helping overseas jurisdictions develop their own advocacy teacher training programmes.

Its role includes: prioritising requests, co-ordinating responses and drawing together appropriate teams of trainers, identifying and creating training materials, and seeking additional sources of funding.

Recent overseas training visits have included courses delivered in: Sierra Leone, USA, Poland, Ghana, South Africa and the International Criminal Court at The Hague.


  • Chair: Desmond Browne QC (Gray's Inn)
  • Vice-Chair: Stephen Murch (Lincoln's Inn)
  • Edwin Glasgow CBE QC, President of the IATC (Gray's Inn)
  • Faye Appleton (Lincoln's Inn)
  • Peter Carter QC (Gray's Inn)
  • Quinn Clarke (Gray's Inn)
  • Sarah Clarke (Inner Temple)
  • Dame Linda Penelope Dobbs, DBE (Judiciary)
  • Stephanie Farrimond (Middle Temple)
  • Fiona Fulton (Inner Temple)
  • Alex Glassbrook (Middle Temple)
  • Martin Griffiths QC (Inner Temple)
  • Chris Monckton (Lincoln's Inn)
  • David Nicholls (Lincoln's Inn)
  • Christa Richmond (Middle Temple)
  • Kirsty Sutherland (YBC)
  • Anesta Weekes QC (Gray's Inn)
  • Christian Wisskirchen (Bar Council)

For further information contact the International Committee Secretary:
Phoebe Makin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
020 7822 0766

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