A United Approach to Questioning

Pan-profession Section 28 and the "Advocacy and The Vulnerable" National Training Programme

A feature on the united approach to questioning is featuring on the latest edition of Counsel Magazine.

Following on from the Section 28 pilot, “Advocacy and the vulnerable” is gaining traction with over 300 facilitators who will deliver training to over 14,000 criminal advocates over the next two years. Courses will be offered by Circuits, each of the four Inns, the CBA, the Law Society and the CPS.

The programme has enabled the bringing together of strands of learning, practice and thought, which have been building over the years and which must now be reflected in how each advocate in England and Wales should be trained to approach the vulnerable. It is hoped that it will bring about the “sea change” required in gaining the specialist skills needed to effectively deal with vulnerability in the courts.

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